Using Leaflets, Flyers, Handouts, and Direct Mail to Promote Your Business

Written By PhilG

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Have you considered advertising your business?

There are laws that cover direct response advertising online and in print. Make sure you know what you’re doing and stick within the law.

Leaflet Drop: The law Gov UK: Permission

Think hard before paying for print advertising. If your product or service appeals to a mass market, you might advertise effectively. But cost effective advertising could be more difficult if you offer a bespoke service to a select clientele.

Printing color chart.
Pantone colors for printing.

A 1% or 2% response rate is normal

The average response to a well designed and well-written leaflet is 1 to 2%. And you might find customers need to receive several leaflets before responding.

There are many offline ways to promote your business and attract customers to your business, shop or website.

  • local newspaper
  • leaflets through letter boxes
  • handing out leaflets in a target area
  • direct mail

And depending on…

  • the service or goods you offer
  • your location and your customer’s location
  • how much each new customer is worth to your business…

…newspaper ads, print or leaflet distribution might be a good way to tell the world about your business and attract new customers.

It’s not cheap and there’s no guarantee of results

Leaflet distribution is not cheap and you usually need to put your message in front of your customer several times before they’ll respond. The cost can soon add up.

Can you target your direct mail, leaflets, or newspaper ad to a specific target market? For instance…

  • placing your ad in a special interest magazine
  • or a newspaper that covers your local area
  • or buying a mailing list for direct mail

A word of caution

Buying direct mail mailing lists was once a common practice. Recent laws have made things more risky. Always make sure you, and your advertising partner, stay well within the law!

How much is a customer worth to your business?

Do you know the lifetime value of a typical customer? For instance, if your customers come back time after time it’s worth paying more to gain that customer.

Return on investment is not about cost, it’s about how much profit you make after you’ve paid the costs.

Do you need professional help?

Make sure your marketing looks professional. First impressions can make or break your business.

Will you design your own leaflet and write the copy yourself, or will you pay extra to get those things done professionally?

What’s the competition like?

How effectively are your rivals marketing themselves to their customers? If your marketing doesn’t look as professional as your rivals, or your offer is not as tempting as theirs. You might struggle to win new customers.

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