Using ChatGPT to Write Website Content

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ChatGPT is a versatile tool that can help you create content for your website. Just like you would talk with a colleague or a professional, you can talk with ChatGPT. It understands full sentences and can extract the necessary information from your input.

For example, if you would say to your copywriter, “I need assistance in crafting a compelling ‘About Us’ section for my service business website. Could you guide me through the process?” You can make the same request to ChatGPT, and it will understand your request just like your copywriter would. You can find ChatGPT at the Open AI website.

Using ChatGPT to write website content. The OpenAI login screen.

Writing Your Content is a Two Step Process

First you must gather the information your copywriter (ChatGPT) needs to know about your business to base the text on. Then you must ask your copywriter (ChatGPT) to write the text for your web page based on the information you provide.

I explain how to make that request (called a prompt) near the end of this article. However, you can learn loads more about ChatGPT at

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Educate ChatGPT About Your Business

In the same way you’d need to brief your copywriter about your business, you must also inform ChatGPT about your business before it can generate content for your website. The advantage here is that if you ask ChatGPT for assistance, it will guide you through the entire process. If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to ask for help, and ChatGPT will do its best to provide the support you need.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

As a business owner, you initiate the process by asking for help writing content for a specific web page. Frame your request in the same way you would if you had hired a copywriter for the job. For instance, you could say, “I want you to write the content for the ‘About Us’ page on my website, but I’m unsure about what information to include. Could you guide me through the process, please?”

Step 2: Provide an Overview of Your Business

ChatGPT will then ask you to share your business story, mission, origin, and what sets your business apart. Present this information in a conversational way, just as you would to a colleague or fellow business professional. ChatGPT can understand and engage in natural conversations.

Step 3: Service Description

Next, describe your services in detail, including what each service entails, the benefits they offer, and any unique features. This is the place to highlight any special features or pricing and packages if applicable. You may also mention special offers to help potential clients understand your services’ value and cost structure.

Step 4: Target Audience

Inform ChatGPT about your ideal customers. This information helps tailor the language and tone to speak directly to your target market, including age groups, interests, and specific problems your services can address.

Step 5: Process and Methodology

Explain how your business delivers its services, including steps involved, timelines, and unique systems or methods that set your business apart.

Step 6: Benefits and Features

Highlight the key benefits and features of your services. Emphasise the problems they solve and what makes them stand out. Use compelling language to engage your readers. If needed, ChatGPT can provide a list of features and benefits common in your niche to get you started.

Step 7: Writing the content

You’ve now gathered all the information ChatGPT needs to know about your business to write the content you require. It’s now time to ask ChatGPT to generate the initial draft of your website content.

I do this using a plain text document such as notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac. You must place your request above the information ChatGPT needs to write the document. For example:

I would like you to write the content for the 'About Us' page of my website. Please base your text on the information below.
[Place the information you gathered about your business here.]

You can let ChatGPT choose a writing style based on the audience type you described or you can specify the desired tone and writing style you’d like for your website content, such as professional, conversational, informative, storytelling, inspirational, or humorous.

Step 8: Review and Revision

Review the content generated. If any adjustments are needed, ChatGPT can revise the document. Just ask in the same way you’d ask your copywriter. For instance you could say: “Could you rewrite that text in a more conversational tone please?” However, you may prefer to make the final tweaks yourself.

For more information and tips about using ChatGPT visit the website where you can find a comprehensive guide .

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