WordPress Websites

WordPress enables people like you to have their own website, honestly! Web hosting companies want to enable business owners like you to have their own website. Because then you’ll use the web hosting they sell. So they make using WordPress as easy as possible. Nowadays, non techies can run their own website Websites were expensive, … Read more

How much does a WordPress website cost?

And how can you keep the website cost down? Some web designers display a range of fixed website costs. For instance, they could say a two-page website costs £200, a six-page website costs £400 and a fifteen-page website costs £700. They would also give a list of features each site includes. Other than these fixed … Read more

The best WordPress theme for a small service business

My top choices for best WordPress theme are GeneratePress (premium) or Genesis Sample theme (free). I use GeneratePress theme and GenerateBlocks page builder plugin. This gives me all the options most service businesses need, and great tech support too. But GeneratePress is not the easiest theme to use, and it’s not free. If you want … Read more

Free WordPress Training for Bradford Businesses

Shush! This WordPress training is a secret, so don’t go telling everyone. To get such good WordPress training you’d normally need to read a long boring book. But WP101 have done a deal with WP Beginner to let you watch their basic training videos for free. If you don’t already know, WordPress is the most … Read more