Listen to these blog posts

If you’re using Microsoft Edge or Firefox web browser on a PC you can listen to these blog posts, you don’t have to read them. I find it easier to follow the text if the words are read to me at as I read. This post explains how to do it. Some web browsers have … Read more

How to keep customers happy and loyal

Follow this simple plan to keep customers happy… Most businesses actively seek new customers. But few businesses put the same amount of effort into keeping those customers happy once they’ve got them. Which is strange. Because spending the same amount of time and money on turning good customers into repeat customers is more cost effective … Read more

Networking Tips for Small Businesses in Bradford

Networking might or might not work for your business When considering attending a networking event I ask myself… Will my customers be attending? Will people who influence my customers be attending? Is anyone attending that I’d really like to help? Is anyone attending that could, and possibly would, help me? Find out who’s attending the … Read more