What Are Features and Benefits, and What Are Afters?

Features and benefits are the foundation of most sales training books and courses. But as soon as you say the word “benefit” your customer will think you’re making a sales pitch. And people hate being sold to. So, instead of telling customers “You’ll gain this benefit by using our product or service”. Say “After I … Read more

Word of Mouth Marketing for Small Local Businesses

Why word-of-mouth marketing? We all trust recommendations from friends and family far more than we trust advertising. So you build your business on repeat customers who are friends of previous customers. Over time, your customer base gets to to know like and trust you. If you’re lucky, they’ll eventually become raving fans who tell all … Read more

Positioning Your Business in the Mind of Your Customer

Describing and positioning your business accurately, honestly, and concisely makes it easy for your customers to choose you and then to recommend you to their friends. Al Ries and Jack trout came up with this idea twenty years ago. It still makes sense today. Positioning solves your customer’s problem of too much choice and too … Read more

Using Leaflets, Flyers, handouts, and Direct Mail to Promote your Business

Have you considered advertising your business? There are laws that cover direct response advertising online and in print. Make sure you know what you’re doing and stick within the law. Leaflet Drop: The law Gov UK: Permission Think hard before paying for print advertising. If your product or service appeals to a mass market, you … Read more