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Useful Marketing Resources for Small Businesses.

The internet is awash with resources and tools to help you market your small business. Here I list a few of the best resources to help you get started.

Gill Andrews

Gill provides free guides and cheat sheets that help you write your website content and other marketing materials.

Website content resource and checklist.
This is a must have website content resource and checklist.


Yoast is one of the most authoritative experts on SEO. And for a limited time only, they are allowing free access to their Local SEO Training course. If it’s still free when you get here, check it out.

Resources for WordPress SEO, Yoast.
WordPress SEO by Yoast we highly recommend this resource.

Make Your Words Sell

This is a direct download link for a free PDF book. It looks dated but the information is just as useful as ever. I highly recommend you read this ebook cover to cover.

Make Your Words Sell is an excellent free resource

WordPress Theme Resources

I built this website using GeneratePress a theme that runs on WordPress. WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS). A content management system enables non-techie users to write and publish web pages. Click the image below to see the pro version of GeneratePress.

GeneratePress WordPress Theme.
GeneratePress WordPress Theme.

Writing Aids & Resources

Some people don’t like writing. But if you want to promote your business you’ll have to do at least some writing. Hemingway App and Pro Writing Aid both have free versions. And both tools help you clean up, correct and edit your text before publishing it.

Resources for writing.
A great resource for cleaning up your writing and making your text easier to read.

Unsplash Images

Unsplash provide free images for your website and marketing. Always read the copyright notice before using any free images. When you upload your images make sure you optimize their file size and compress them to make them fast loading on mobile devices with slower connection speed.

Unsplash free photo resources.
Unsplash is an excellent free photo resource.

Local SEO tutorials

If you have a website, you need to attract customers from areas you operate in. These guides to local SEO will help you do that.

This is an up to date guide to local SEO. A great resource, try it out.