Jowett Cars Marketing Slogans and Phrases.

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Jowett Cars Ltd was based at Springfield Works, Five Lane Ends, Bradford Road, Idle. About 3.5 miles from Bradford town centre.

Under several different names The Jewett Motor Company traded from 1901 until 1954. After car production ceased, they still made parts and did various engineering work.

Jowett Cars & their slogans grabbed attention.

Jowett car. The Jowett Jupiter was Jowett's fastest road car. This car was photographed at Bradford Industrial Museum.

Jowett Jupiter Car at Bradford Industrial Museum

Jowett Car: Jowett Javelin De Luxe photographed at Bradford Industrial Museum.

Jowett Javelin Car at Bradford Industrial Museum

Jowett knew exactly how to grab attention, pull at your heartstrings, and make you feel an affinity with their brand. Below, I list some of their more memorable slogans and briefly explain the context and appeal of each slogan.

“The little engine with the big pull”

Prior to WWII, Jowetts mostly had a small two-cylinder engine. However, because these engines were flat twins, they were simpler to maintain, ran more smoothly, and performed just as well as the more complicated inline four engines other car companies used.

A car buyer in the 1930s would immediately understand the appeal of a “little engine with a big pull”.

“Made thunderingly well by Yorkshiremen”

Need I say more! If you were a Yorkshireman, this statement would instantly grab your attention and make you feel affinity.

“Any road, any load, if you want to go where Jowett’s won’t you’ll need a crane.”

In 1926, two Jowett cars crossed 3000 miles of Africa when roads were few and petrol stations were almost unheard of. This slogan tells you that if you need a rugged vehicle that you can rely on to get you anywhere, you need a Jowett. 

“Built for the Yorkshire hills, the Jowett is in its element where difficult conditions abound”

Before World War II, roads weren’t always great for driving. If you were a practical driver who knew what roads were really like, this slogan would make sense to you.

“The Jowett’s wearing qualities and economy are almost legendary”

Everyone wants the goods they buy to last, and they want to justify the cost to their boss, family, and friends. This tagline says “you’ve picked a winner here”.

“Jowett Bradford delivers the goods at a penny a mile”

The Jowett Bradford came in three different styles: a van, a pickup truck, and a utility vehicle, which today we call an estate car. It was introduced right after World War II, when Britain was being rebuilt. Small businesses needed a cheap and dependable van to deliver their stuff, and the Jowett Bradford was just the ticket. This slogan speaks right to those small business folks.

“It’s new right through.”

Immediately after the Second World War, Jowett used the slogan “It’s new right through” to promote their brand new Jowett Javelin car. They’d been secretly designing and developing the Javelin towards the end of the war. It was the first all new car, built by a British manufacturer, to be available after the war.

The car buying public had a choice. They could buy a car designed pre-war by any other manufacturer. For those seeking a completely new car, there was only one option. To buy a Jowett Javelin. 

“Take a good look when it passes you.” 

Jowett Javelin was a fast car. It won its class is the Monte Caro Rally and several other prestigious competitions. The Jowett Jupiter was even faster. This slogan makes it obvious that if someone gets left behind, it won’t be you.

“With all the speed of victory in its veins.”

This is another reference to Jowett’s motorsport victories. The Brits felt victorious after the Second World War. This slogan says, if you want to be victorious and fast, buy a Jowett!

Each phrase is a one line advert.

These slogans are like mini adverts for Jowett cars. They’re catchy phrases that help people understand why Jowett cars are great. Let’s break down what makes them work:

Clarity and Memorable Phrasing: All the slogans are easy to understand and stick in your head because they use paint picture in your mind to get their point across.

Emotional Appeal: Each slogan makes you feel something. It could be pride in car’s origin, thrill of speed and adventure, or gratification of saving money. Feeling a connection makes you more likely to want to buy that car.

Relevance to Target Audience: The slogans talk about things that matter to the people who might buy a Jowett car. Like how tough or fast it is, how it can handle different roads and loads, or how it’s good for the wallet. Knowing what matters to customers helps sell more cars.

Potential for Brand Association: Each slogan connects Jowett cars with positive things like being fast, dependable, lasting a long time, and saving money. When people think about those good qualities, they’ll also think about Jowett cars.

Specificity: Some slogans give details that make Jowett cars sound even better, like how cheap it is to drive one or the skilled workers who make them in Yorkshire. These details make the adverts more convincing.

In short, these slogans help Jowett cars stand out, make people feel good about them, talk about things that matter, link them with positive qualities, and give specific reasons why they’re awesome. These slogans and taglines are shouting, “Buy a Jowett car!” without actually saying it.

Jowett Cars at Bradford Industrial Museum

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