Free WordPress Training for Bradford Businesses

Written By PhilG

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Shush! This WordPress training is a secret, so don’t go telling everyone.

To get such good WordPress training you’d normally need to read a long boring book. But WP101 have done a deal with WP Beginner to let you watch their basic training videos for free. If you don’t already know, WordPress is the most popular tool for building a small business websites.

Get the free course here->

Please note! The beginner videos are at the end of this vast collection of videos. Page 54 last time I checked.

The video below is an example, when this video finishes it links to the full, WP101 training site that you have to pay for. The big blue button above links to the free videos.

WordPress training free for Bradford Businesses.

WP 101 offer more training videos on their own site. But, the WP101 videos are not free, you have to pay for them. Luckily, the WP Beginner videos are enough to get most people started, and they’re free.

What is WP101?

WP101 is a website that provides high quality WordPress training in video format. They’ve been around for 12 years and have an excellent reputation. WP101 is not free, but it is good.

What is WP Beginner?

WP Beginner is a blog about WordPress. You’ll find hundreds of tips and tricks to help you build and maintain your WordPress website at WP Beginner.

Advanced WordPress Training

There’s a lot of WordPress training available. If you want to develop your skills I highly recommend you start with The training is not cheap, but it is good quality and will take you from novice to very competent WordPress user.

One to one training

In a Covid-19 free world, should you pay for one-to-one training? One-to-one training has real advantages. For instance, when I set up websites for people they often want their staff to update their own site with new posts. So I teach them just the parts of WordPress that they need to know. This saves the employee time and avoids them feeling frustrated that they have to learn loads of stuff they’ll never use.

I teach them what they need to know to do their job properly, but I don’t fill their head with complicated and unnecessary stuff.

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