Helpful guides for small service businesses.

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I wrote these guides to help small service businesses find customers, and to help customers find the service business they need.

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Web Design

  • Web Design a Bradford Hub Guide for Small Local Businesses

    Web Design I wrote this is web design guide for small businesses in Bradford but the information is useful for any small local business in any town. Whether you choose to build your own website, or to employ a web designer, you’ll find something useful here. The first thing you need is a domain name. … Read more

  • Web Design FAQs for small service businesses

    These web design FAQs will help make your web design project less scary. Modern websites are designed to be used by non technical people. Small service business owners all over Yorkshire maintain their own websites, and you can too. To maintain your own website you’ll have to do a bit of learning, but then you’ll … Read more

  • User Roles in WordPress keep your site safe

    A WordPress website has two main types of content, web pages and blog posts. Pages and posts have many differences, but the differences that matter to us are. The WordPress user roles needed to write pages and posts. And, WordPress automatically organises posts and lists them in categories, it doesn’t do that with pages. By … Read more

  • Website Problems and Issues You Might Face

    First, this is not a list of ways to fix all website problems. When I wrote this post, there were 8.626 free themes and 58.667 free plugins listed on the WordPress website. There are many premium themes and plugins too. Each theme or plugin might encounter many unique problems. This post gives you a general … Read more

SEO & Google

  • Google My Business, Citations and NAP

    Google My Business is a free service provided by Google. When someone searches Google, and the results include local businesses, a special box displays at the top of the search results page. If you’ve set up a Google My Business listing, your business could display in this local section of the results listing page. You … Read more

  • How does a small local business get found online?

    To get found online you will need… A Google My Business page citations that are consistent Google reviews and a website, if you can afford it How does this work? First get a Google My Business page Google provides a free service called Google My Business. You might already have a listing there, even if … Read more

  • SEO & Blogging for Small Bradford Businesses

    An overview of website SEO & Blogging Good SEO helps customers to find you via Google. But for that to happen, you need to write a page on your website that corresponds to the search term they used. For instance, your customer types “kitchen fitted Greengates Bradford“. You’ve been in business for a while and … Read more


  • WordPress Websites

    WordPress enables people like you to have their own website, honestly! Web hosting companies want to enable business owners like you to have their own website. Because then you’ll use the web hosting they sell. So they make using WordPress as easy as possible. Nowadays, non techies can run their own website Websites were expensive, … Read more

  • How much does a WordPress website cost?

    And how can you keep the website cost down? Some web designers display a range of fixed website costs. For instance, they could say a two-page website costs £200, a six-page website costs £400 and a fifteen-page website costs £700. They would also give a list of features each site includes. Other than these fixed … Read more

  • The best WordPress theme for a small service business

    My top choices for best WordPress theme are GeneratePress (premium) or Genesis Sample theme (free). I use GeneratePress theme and GenerateBlocks page builder plugin. This gives me all the options most service businesses need, and great tech support too. But GeneratePress is not the easiest theme to use, and it’s not free. If you want … Read more

  • WordPress Plugins a Simple Guide for Small Business Owners

    How many WordPress plugins are there? There are over 58000 free plugins and many premium plugins. Do I have to install plugins to use WordPress? No. You can build a good-looking website using just WordPress, a domain name and web hosting. How many plugins should I install? As few as possible. And only install plugins … Read more

  • Free WordPress Training for Bradford Businesses

    Shush! This WordPress training is a secret, so don’t go telling everyone. To get such good WordPress training you’d normally need to read a long boring book. But WP101 have done a deal with WP Beginner to let you watch their basic training videos for free. If you don’t already know, WordPress is the most … Read more

Website Content

  • Know Your Customers: using voice of customer research

    What customers want to know about your business. As a business owner, you must know your customers. After a customer realises they have a problem, and before they contact a professional to fix it, they research online. They may have a vague idea of their problem and be unsure if a solution exists. Or they … Read more

  • Writing Website Content

    Website content grows and develops over time, but at minimum you should state… who you are what you do who you help why you’re best placed to do the work and how to contact you. This seems like obvious advice but it’s surprising how many websites are vague about what services the business offers. You … Read more

  • Blog Post Blueprint – my writing process

    This is my blog post blueprint. I use it as a checklist to help gather information then write, and format my blog posts. I include only what the reader needs to know, then I format the post for easy scanning. If I use images, I make sure they’re relevant to the message I’m trying to … Read more

Marketing for Service Businesses

  • What Are Features and Benefits, and What Are Afters?

    Features and benefits are the foundation of most sales training books and courses. But as soon as you say the word “benefit” your customer will think you’re making a sales pitch. And people hate being sold to. So, instead of telling customers “You’ll gain this benefit by using our product or service”. Say “After I … Read more

  • Word of Mouth Marketing for Small Local Businesses

    Why word-of-mouth marketing? We all trust recommendations from friends and family far more than we trust advertising. So you build your business on repeat customers who are friends of previous customers. Over time, your customer base gets to to know like and trust you. If you’re lucky, they’ll eventually become raving fans who tell all … Read more

  • Positioning Your Business in the Mind of Your Customer

    Describing and positioning your business accurately, honestly, and concisely makes it easy for your customers to choose you and then to recommend you to their friends. Al Ries and Jack trout came up with this idea twenty years ago. It still makes sense today. Positioning solves your customer’s problem of too much choice and too … Read more

  • Using Leaflets, Flyers, handouts, and Direct Mail to Promote your Business

    Have you considered advertising your business? There are laws that cover direct response advertising online and in print. Make sure you know what you’re doing and stick within the law. Leaflet Drop: The law Gov UK: Permission Think hard before paying for print advertising. If your product or service appeals to a mass market, you … Read more

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Listen to these blog posts

    If you’re using Microsoft Edge or Firefox web browser on a PC you can listen to these blog posts, you don’t have to read them. I find it easier to follow the text if the words are read to me at as I read. This post explains how to do it. Some web browsers have … Read more

  • How to keep customers happy and loyal

    Follow this simple plan to keep customers happy… Most businesses actively seek new customers. But few businesses put the same amount of effort into keeping those customers happy once they’ve got them. Which is strange. Because spending the same amount of time and money on turning good customers into repeat customers is more cost effective … Read more

  • Does your business deal with customers face to face?

    If you target local customers and deal with those customers face to face, you probably need a Google My Business listing. However, if you do not deal with customers face to face, you probably do not need a Google My Business listing. If you do need a Google My Business listing, there are different types … Read more

  • Using Social Media to Promote your Small Business

    As a small business owner, you’ve got a lot of work to do. So it makes sense to stick to one or two social media platforms. Make sure the platform you choose is the one that your customers are already using. Or you could be wasting your time and effort. You can use social media … Read more

  • Networking Tips for Small Businesses in Bradford

    Networking might or might not work for your business When considering attending a networking event I ask myself… Will my customers be attending? Will people who influence my customers be attending? Is anyone attending that I’d really like to help? Is anyone attending that could, and possibly would, help me? Find out who’s attending the … Read more